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AI powered eSignature platform GetAccept gets $1.6M seed funding from investors including Y Combinator

The GetAccept foundersThe GetAccept founders

GetAccept yielded 41 percent higher closing rate than traditional eSigning and are already serving thousands of paying customers.

The number one eSigning and closing automation tool, GetAccept, will challenge the eSignature commodity market by investing $1.6 million into helping clients close deals using artificial intelligence. The platform helps salespeople share and track their sales documents to engage the buyer to take a decision.

GetAccept arms sales reps with automated actions and smart notifications driven by machine learning to accelerate the close. Both the client and salesperson can have a conversation via the chat function integrated into the document, ultimately increasing closing rates as well as improving the overall customer experience. Results show that when salespeople use GetAccept, their close rate increased with 41% compared to traditional eSigning.

Samir Smajic, GetAccept CEO said, “There are so many great tools to help companies with lead generation, but few tools that focus on the last milestone of the sales process to close your deals. We will change how companies work with sales documents and correspondence by investing capital back into our platform to meet the new market demands for eSignatures.” He added, “We have been very frustrated seeing so many deals end up in what we call ‘The Valley of Death.’ It is time to change that and work smarter with sales documents.”

More than half of all sent sales documents go dark without any decision. GetAccept users can combine personalized video introduction, deal based retargeting, document analytics, live chat, and eSignatures to help close deals faster.

Using artificial intelligence, the GetAccept chatbot asks relevant and professional questions which keep the client engaged and more likely to sign a contract. If the chatbot can’t answer a question it will push a notification to the sales representative, who can reply in real-time. GetAccept also uses a machine learning model trained on historical data to predict the probability that the deal will be won.

With a strong background in CRM and marketing automation the founding team has extensive knowledge in nurturing opportunities and creating customer engagement. In 2016, GetAccept completed the Y Combinator program, one of the largest backers of innovative startups, and more than 4x their revenue the last 12 months.

The company will use this investment to continue to hire exceptional talent to build on its comprehensive platform. Investors include Palo Alto based Amino Capital known for their focus on artificial intelligence ventures, top AI angels and first investors of Spotify.

Founders Samir Smajic, Mathias Thulin, Jonas Blanck and Carl Carell, see great potential in changing the traditional B2B sales process and share their successes and mistakes in the reality show ‘ Inside Silicon Valley.’


About GetAccept

GetAccept is a powerful sales tool to take control of your deals from sent presentation or proposal to signed order. With smart sales automation, advanced document tracking and improved ways to communicate you can more than double your hit-rate with just a click. It helps salespeople take full advantage of their sales opportunities and close more deals cleanly and quickly, with a workflow that helps them design, track and market sales documents through to the point that they’re e-signed on the dotted line. The product is being used by thousands of customers in more than 40 countries already. The company was founded in Sweden and after participating to Y Combinator in 2016, it moved its headquarters to San Francisco, CA.


Frida Ahrenby
Frida Ahrenby