2020-11-23 09:07Press release

Black Friday is short term. We think long term.

We wanted to do something different.We wanted to do something different.

It's Black Friday week! And for this year we wanted to do something different.

Right now, it's more important than ever, that we take care of each other, that we keep the economy running while also taking care of the environment. What better way to do that, than to combine them all into one? A so-called win-win-win situation. 

"Black Friday is all about making you spend more money. Consuming more resources. And that is not something that we at GetAccept believe in. So instead of launching a big campaign to make you spend more, we are launching a competition to help save the world", says Samir Smajic, CEO at GetAccept. 

We're launching a huge Black Friday campaign. From the 20th-27th of November you can sign your company up to Black Friday Goes Green for a chance to win a full year subscription of GetAccept!

And here comes the twist: For every sign up, we plant a tree as a symbol of all the paper and trees that are saved when choosing to send digital contracts. Trees are vital for our health, economy, environment and future, which are fundamentals for us all to live in a thriving world. So let’s help out together!

1 sign Up = 1 tree Up

Help us make one tree become a forest! For more information about the campaign https://gacc.pt/3kPxe2l


About GetAccept

GetAccept is an all-in-one sales platform combining video, live chat, proposal design, document tracking and e-signature to simplify the life of every sales team. Features such as personal video messaging, live chat and analytics are popular among sales, HR, customer success and development teams. Founded in 2015 by swedish entrepreneurs and Y Combinator alumni Samir Smajic, Mathias Thulin, Jonas Blanck and Carl Carell, the platform serves more than 25,000 users in more than 2,000 different enterprises across 40+ countries.


Frida Ahrenby
Frida Ahrenby