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GetAccept a leader in G2’s new Digital Sales Room category

Palo Alto, October 15th 2021

GetAccept is thrilled to announce its leadership in software marketplace G2’s latest category, Digital Sales Room software. G2 launched the new category in early October 2021, with GetAccept ranking among the early leaders in digital sales technology.    

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation much faster than anticipated, driving the need for innovative B2B sales tools that improve the quality of the digital buyer and seller interactions. According to Gartner, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels by 2025. Digital sales room (DSR) software provides a central, customer-facing, shared digital space for those sales interactions. As buyer preference for digital self-service options and remote human engagement grows, sales teams will use DSR technology to share timely sales and marketing content, chat with clients, and finalize contracts with prospective buyers. 

DSR solutions remove buyer friction and allow salespeople to streamline proposals by keeping all information relevant to the deal in one convenient location. Implementing a DSR tool replicates the ability of face-to-face meetings to build trust and engagement with multiple stakeholders online in real-time.

We believe in the power of relationships and want to bring personalized and engaging interactions to the online sales process,” said Samir Smajic, co-founder and CEO at GetAccept.  “We made a bold prediction in 2015, that B2B sales would move online. Companies delivering the best digital buyer experience with personal interaction and communication will be the winners. We are excited to see global research and advisory leaders such as Gartner and McKinsey now recognize the same trend and thrilled that G2 decided to create a new Digital Sales Room category. We look forward to continuing to innovate and taking the lead within this space!”, said Smajic.

“As a result of businesses needing to diversify the way they digitally engage with sellers, a new wave of software called digital sales rooms has been steadily emerging in the market. Digital sales room software provides salespeople with a customer-facing digital portal that can be used to share relevant marketing content, chat with clients, and craft custom proposals with prospective buyers. Our recent launch of the digital sales room category on G2 reflects this development, and our expectation that as this market develops it will become a regular part of the B2B sales toolbox.", said Tom Pringle, VP of Market Research at G2.

Read more about Digital Sales Room software here https://www.getaccept.com/product/digital-sales-room


About GetAccept

From the 2015 class of Y Combinator and a start-up challenger, to becoming an industry leader, GetAccept is on a mission to radically redefine the way companies run sales. GetAccept is a sales engagement platform offering a Digital Sales Room leveraging features such as proposal templates, content creation, video presentation and chat, eSignature, document tracking and analytics. Easy accessible in one place, for buyers and sellers to create the best digital remote experience throughout the whole decision process.


Frida Ahrenby
Frida Ahrenby