2020-12-04 07:30Press release

GetAccept is launching a new campaign connecting to the current status of remote work

One of the personas of the campaign #ClosingQueenOne of the personas of the campaign #ClosingQueen

Digital transformation is accelerating. According to reports from both McKinsey and Gartner, the COVID-19 pandemic has further forced B2B buyers and sellers to go digital, which has placed digital sales models high up on the company agendas. By 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels. Already today, more than 75% of buyers and sellers say they prefer digital self-serve and remote human engagement over face-to-face interactions. 

However, too often ‘remote’ and ‘digital’ means impersonal. 

GetAccept is changing that, believing in the power of relationships and wanting to bring meaningful, personal and engaging interactions back to the online sales world. GetAccept aims to be the online place where every B2B business happens, in a personal way. Every sale starts with a relationship. Every sale is personal. 

The ‘Sell as You Are’ campaign is the first campaign based on GetAccept’s new brand identity. It is all about creating real connections while being your authentic self. You are you. In business. And in private. 

“We wanted to create a campaign that connects to the current remote work situation around the world. At the same time connect to the fact that there are many people working from home nowadays that have, all of a sudden, become more personal in their business interactions since work and personal life blur together behind that computer screen”, Frida Ahrenby, VP Marketing at GetAccept. 

For the campaign GetAccept has worked together with Sköna, the B2B creative agency specializing in marketing, branding, and design for innovative tech companies, with presence in both Silicon Valley and Stockholm. Sköna has developed the creative concept, key messages and campaign flow for the campaign and worked in tight collaboration with the GetAccept Marketing team. 

“The GetAccept marketing team is made of authentic, real, friendly people who bring their whole selves to work. They believe in the business benefits of building great relationships. So the concept of the campaign suggested itself - a fun, vibrant work/life collection that challenged the idea of what working (and selling) remotely means losing the personal touch. From the start, we shared with them the belief that you do your best work when you get to be yourself!” says Gwen Lafage, General Manager, Sköna Europe.

The core of the campaign concepts are four stereotypic personas, based on the overall target audience that GetAccept has. We have identified key differentiators and potential characteristics and developed the different sales personas for the campaign. 

  • Sales manager/director #SalesZenMaster

  • Sales ops director #SalesPlaymaker

  • Sales rep #ClosingQueen

  • Sales rep #SalesNinja

Every sales person has seen cheesy stock photos in marketing and sales material — this campaign concept takes those familiar images and gives them a personality. By juxtaposing the buttoned up sellers with their favorite hobbies,  the lines between the day job and personal hours becomes blurry. Clean minimal typography and simple colors let the photos do the heavy lifting, and drive the point home that you can be yourself while building real sales connections.

The objective is for audiences to recognize themselves in the campaign and focus on how using the GetAccept Sales Enablement platform will create a better version of their working self, one where they can come as they are and build real relationships with their audiences. GetAccept’s platform enables these relationships - and moves the sale to a rapid close. Real relationships being the most important part of digital sales. 

The campaign is going live December 4th and will be targeted towards the US market. 


About GetAccept

GetAccept is an all-in-one sales platform combining video, live chat, proposal design, document tracking and e-signature to simplify the life of every sales team. Features such as personal video messaging, live chat and analytics are popular among sales, HR, customer success and development teams. Founded in 2015 by swedish entrepreneurs and Y Combinator alumni Samir Smajic, Mathias Thulin, Jonas Blanck and Carl Carell, the platform serves more than 30,000 users in more than 3,000 different enterprises across 50+ countries.


Frida Ahrenby
Frida Ahrenby